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The Gordon Children’s Academy Leadership Team
Mrs J Murphy Executive Headteacher
Mrs N Youseman Assistant Headteacher
Miss G Debnam Assistant Headteacher/SENCo
Miss R Havinden Assistant Headteacher/SENCo assistant
Miss S Kemp Assistant Headteacher
The Gordon Children’s Academy Extended Leadership Team
Name Role
Miss R Lamb Acting Middle Leader
Miss L Cabrera Middle Leader
Miss M Shufflebotham Middle Leader
Teaching Staff 
Name Role         Year Team
Mrs K Cotton Teacher EYFS
Miss E Guest Teacher EYFS
Mrs J Halls Teacher EYFS
Miss H Stephens Teacher 1
Miss A Stuckey Teacher 1
Miss R Lamb Teacher 2
Miss R Havinden Teacher 2
Miss P Wish Teacher 2
Miss L Baker Teacher 3
Miss C Kerr Teacher 3
Miss R Sanders Teacher 3
Miss M Shufflebotham Teacher 4
Miss M Lees Teacher 4
Miss C Auer Teacher 4
Miss S Swan Teacher 4
Miss L Cabrera Teacher 5
Miss C Pettman Teacher 5
Miss K Dada Teacher 5
Mr O Harrison Teacher 6
Mr F McKinlay Teacher 6
Miss T Barry Teacher 6
Mrs C Williams Specialist Teacher
Teaching Assistants 
Name Role         Year Team
Mrs B Tyler Teaching Assistant EYFS
Mrs L Sherwin Teaching Assistant EYFS
Mrs A Luker Teaching Assistant 1
Mrs J Tinsey Teaching Assistant 2
Miss S Boswell Teaching Assistant 3
Miss R Kiskyte Teaching Assistant 3
Mr N Howie Teaching Assistant 3
Miss S Cockerell Teaching Assistant 4
Miss T Cooper Teaching Assistant 4
Mrs F Pardo-Alvarez Teaching Assistant 4
Mrs S Landa Teaching Assistant 5
Mrs W Hyder Teaching Assistant 5
Miss L Prangnell Teaching Assistant 5
Mr A Dear Teaching Assistant 6
Mrs D Gillen Teaching Assistant 6
Mrs K Masters Office Manager
Miss C Akehurst Office Administrator
Miss G Groves Attendance and Admissions Officer
Mrs T Maxwell Office Administrator
Mr B Welch Office Administrator
Site Team
Mr M Fox Caretaker
Mr C Mitchell Caretaker
Family and Pupil Welfare
Mrs S Gibbons Pastoral Manager/Designated Safeguarding Lead
Midday Supervisors
Miss K Chambers Midday Supervisor – Team leader
Mr G Allen Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Begum Midday Supervisor
Mrs C Dowson Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Mahay Midday Supervisor
Mrs L Paul Midday Supervisor
Mrs B Raja Midday Supervisor
Breakfast Club Supervisors
Mrs S Mahay Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs C Perrin Breakfast Club Supervisor