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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Miss G Debnam is the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator at The Gordon Children’s Academy.

To view this year’s SEND Information Report please click below:

SEND Information Report September 2019

To view the SEND Policy please click below:

SEND Policy January 2020


SEND Resources to support at home

Children have varying needs and there is no one size approach fits all. It is quite common for children to have additional needs that span many of these areas, so select the resources that meet the needs of your child, without worrying too much about the label or category they fall under. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and these SEND strategies will be beneficial to many children, whether or not they have a diagnosis.  There is a list of information websites, tips and resources to help you support your children with their additional needs, learning and self-esteem in the following areas:

Autism Spectrum Condition

Dyslexia and Processing

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

English Key Skills

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Maths Key Skills

Sensory Circuits

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Wellbeing

Speech, Language and Communication