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Early Help for Families

There are organisations and services across Medway that can support you and your family and strengthen your relationship.

Medway provide support early on and as soon as it is needed to help families thrive and resolve any challenges you and your family may be facing before they become too difficult to manage.

Early Help could help with issues about:

  • school, education or training
  • home and life relationships
  • health and emotional wellbeing
  • work, finances or housing
  • domestic violence or abuse
  • crime or anti-social behaviour.

If you would like extra help and support, then let the school office team aware or make an early help referral online.

Early Help will work with you to understand the issues and will get the support needed to help you and your family get back on track.


What is Early Help?

Early Help can transform children’s and families’ lives giving them the resilience they need to thrive without professional support.  Early Help is about identifying needs and providing support early on, before matters escalate or become more difficult to manage. The aim is to ensure that families needing additional help have one lead person in their lives, so that they do not have to tell their story more than once.  Early Help is a optional service, and therefore it is your choice whether to have this or not.

Leaflet – Early Help guide for parents and carers