Chartwells’ Special Menu and Golden Ticket Event

March 29, 2022 02:26pm

This week, Chartwells, our fantastic catering team, offered primary school pupils across our Trust a delicious Italian menu at lunch time. Children at Gordon really enjoyed their Italian-style meals, and trying all the great food on offer. As part of the special menu event, pupils also had the chance to win a copy of the ‘Jolly Good Food’ cookbook by celebrity chef, Allegra McEvedy, if they found a golden ticket on the bottom of their dinner plate.

‘Jolly Good Food’ is written by Allegra McEvedy, who is a top chef, co-founder of Leon and a judge on the BBC TV series Junior Bake Off. She also works with Chartwells to produce recipes for our school lunch menus, where we have Allegra’s Takeover Tuesdays.  The book is inspired by the stories of Enid Blyton such as The Secret Seven, The Faraway Tree and Mallory Towers, and includes recipes for treats such as Google Buns, pop cakes and ginger beer!

Congratulations to our winner, Emma from Year 6, who was lucky enough to find a golden ticket on her plate and win a copy of McEvedy’s brilliant cookbook.

We are proud to be part of a Trust that encourages our young people to try different cuisines, experiment with food and even try some cooking of their own.