Gordon Children’s Academy WINS the TSAT Spelling Bee!

March 30, 2022 07:10am

The Gordon Children’s Academy was delighted to participate in the TSAT Spelling Bee final held at Cedar Children’s Academy last week! Our four finalists – Finn (Year 3), Leo (Year 4), Justice (Year 5) and Jodie (Year 6) – performed brilliantly, winning the competition and bringing home the trophy!

The final consisted of five exciting rounds, each designed to test and challenge participants.

In Round 1, pupils were asked to spell words from the National Curriculum. It was clear to see that all children had practiced for this round, as they smashed it! Round 2 was a little different: pupils had to unjumble a range of anagrams, racing against the other schools to get to the answer first. Round 3 was tricky, as it required the children to give the correct spelling of homophones when presented to them in a sentence…their/they’re/there were some brilliant answers in this round from our pupils at Gordon! A range of very tricky challenge words made up Round 4; it was impressive to see the children trying their best and giving the words a good go, even the really difficult ones! The Spelling Bee ended with an intense, exciting ‘How many words in a minute?’ round, where each school team worked together to spell as many words as they could against the clock.

The competition was very tight and pupils from all schools did a fantastic job. Huge congratulations to our friends at All Faiths Children’s Academy, Cedar Children’s Academy and New Horizons Children’s Academy for participating, and well done to our excellent Gordon Spelling Bee team!