Year 4 Enjoy Fascinating Apothecary Workshop!

March 30, 2022 07:30am

Last week, our Year 4 pupils were very excited to welcome a very special visitor into school, who spoke to them all about health and medicine through the ages!

This term, Year 4 have been learning about different kinds of medicine in the present day and across history – last week, they had the opportunity to meet Natasha, an expert in apothecary (the most archaic term for a medical professional). Natasha provided interactive, engaging sessions all about health, hospitals and medicine in Medway through the ages, presenting fascinating images and stories which dated back to 1078 AD!

The children stepped back in time to explore medicine as it used to be, and were fascinated by what they discovered. Natasha offered our pupils the chance to look at real medical artefacts, including medicine bottles from across history, which they then had a go at drawing. The session also explored the use of natural remedies and how herbs were used and are still used in medicine now, and the children were offered opportunity to look at and smell some of these herbs.

This was a fantastic chance for our Year 4 children to delve even further into their topic, and learn in a truly engaging and memorable way. As a school and Trust, we are passionate about providing our children with as many different opportunities as possible to build their cultural capital and explore culture and history in a variety of ways. Thank you to Natasha for visiting Gordon and providing such exciting workshops!